Website Audit

Site Audit

Do you already have a website, but you’re not sure why it isn’t performing? Maybe you have a high bounce rate, low subscribers or your customers are telling you that your site is tricky to use. If you’re not sure if you need a redesign from the ground-up or if your current site can be improved with a few essential tweaks, a site audit might be just what the doctor ordered.

The Goods

I’ll deliver a comprehensive checklist to assess these 5 key aspects of your website:

  • site design
  • site structure
  • usability
  • accessibility
  • search engine optimization (SEO)

Price: $497

How it Works

  1. I’ll review your site
  2. We’ll talk
  3. I’ll send you a to-do checklist
  4. Make changes to your website – with me or otherwise
  5. Boom! Watch your metrics improve