About Me

I collaborate with passionate entrepreneurs

Strategic Insights. Smart Marketing. Clear Vision.

I help online entrepreneurs build stand-out and effective digital ecosystems that go well beyond “web design”.

My mission is to help you get results by solving real business problems with web design and strategy.

Picture of Kellie Bonnici smiling, head resting against hand

I’m passionate and excited about helping you succeed. I’m endlessly curious and like to really dig in to understand what drives your business and uncover strategies to help propel you further.

I provide high quality web design + strategy to showcase your business and engage your audience. By its very nature, my work is to add value to yours – and I take that seriously.

Collaboration is the name of the game

Through a collaborative process we identify your business goals, and execute on strategies to ensure that you meet them. I help enhance businesses through insightful design and engaging interfaces that attract and convert potential customers.

Oh, and did I mention we’ll also have a great time working together? If you’re ready to make digital magic with me, learn more about how you can work with me, or check out my portfolio. Let’s build something great together!

On a more personal note…

I’ve got a degree in biology (bet you didn’t see that coming!), and taught myself about the flora of Ontario (by feverishly devouring field guides) because I’m so in love with plants.

I’ve also worked some great field biology jobs with both government and non-profit orgs.

Then in 2000, I became increasingly interested in the internet and learned everything I could about web design.

One of the first websites I made was for Serena Ryder, whose career I helped launch as her manager from 2001-2004. Shortly thereafter I made a move to Montreal, and then became a digital nomad, living all over the country and beyond for the next 9 years (I have to wonder if wandering just come naturally for someone born to immigrant parents…?).

I’m happily resettled in my hometown of Peterborough, Ontario (well, mostly hometown – I’m originally from Toronto). I love the fresh air, friendly people, lively arts and culture scene and endless opportunities to enjoy nature.